Founded by tea sommelier Sarah de Witt in 2014 in Brunswick, Victoria. The original Impala & Peacock was a brick and mortar tea house - a quiet sanctuary on the hustle and bustle of Sydney Road. Impala & Peacock is now run by Sarah, husband Ruan de Witt, and their Melbourne team.

Original impala & peacock venue

Nestled on Sydney Road, Brunswick the original tea house hosted tea tastings, high tea parties, and tea blending events.

images of brunswick impala peacock venue

The tea house was a favourite tea drinking destination winning the Australian Tea House of the Year in 2016.

After 6 years of retail, the tea house decided to move online. We now focus on wholesale partnerships designing interesting teas for restaurants, day spas and cafes around Australia as well as an online retail presence for those wanting a lovely tea experience at home.

ladies enjoying high tea

Impala & Peacock shares its tea with high end restaurants, day spas, and cafes Australia wide.

Sarah continues to create, source and develop unique tea blends. Ruan, a mechanical engineer by trade, geeks out on the technical side of tea. That is; the production, manufacturing, and systems that ensure quality and consistency in the tea.

Ruan has represented Australia on the world stage of tea (held in China) in Blind Tea Tasting and Tea Brewing Competition categories after winning the Australian championships.

Sarah and Ruan source teas from origin and combine natural botanicals to create unique blends enjoyed by thousands of Australians every year.


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