Impala and Peacock

English Breakfast


This classic breakfast tea is harvested entirely from one tea garden at a pristine mid-altitude location in Sri Lanka. The plantation is near a natural rain forest making the tea part of an active biodiverse ecosystem.

Graded as an orange pekoe pluck; this black tea is a high grade premium leaf. It is aromatic, bright, and delicate to drink as a black tea. If steeped for a little longer, it becomes strong and bold enough to enjoy with milk.

Quick Brew Guide:
2 mins straight | 3 mins with milk
1 steep
(see detailed brew guide below)


1 tsp to 200mL cup

100° C

2 min steep time if drinking straight
3+ min steep time for milk tea

Always add milk first into your teacup before the hot tea. Reversing the order will risk denaturing the proteins in the milk making it less creamy.

Camellia Sinensis (the tea plant)

At Impala and Peacock we look for long term relationships and partnerships with ethical tea producers and growers allowing us to cut out any middle men and ensure that profits go back to farmers and their workers. We have visited this tea garden on numerous occasions having spent time with the farmers and workers alike. We are proud to support their family business.

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