Our wholesale experience

Personalised tea approach to best suit your space

Low MOQs (min. order quantities from 1KG)

Guidance and education - frequent staff training and mystery shopping feedback

White label available to create a custom tea blend for your space

No contracts, simple ordering process

We are a boutique, Melbourne based wholesale tea supplier. We started in Brunswick in 2014 by tea sommelier, Sarah de Witt and take pride in connecting cafes, restaurants, spas and yoga studios with exceptional teas.

  • We source our own teas directly from farms based on long term relationships. We've travelled extensively and have visited all of our large suppliers in person to make sure that their ethics, practices and teas align with our values
  • Ordering teas with us is straight forward, no contracts, no unnecessary admin. We stick to our word, expect our partners to do the same and focus on great tea
  • We can work with you to create your own unique tea blends, customised to your clientele, location and vibe
  • We offer ongoing staff training, help with menu development and working with seasonal menu requirements
  • We wholesale tea at fair and reasonable prices. Our pricing is transparent and we'll help you understand quickly and easily what your cost of goods sold will be

More about creating a custom tea blend

  • With hundreds of botanicals and an extensive range of base teas, we can work with you to create your own unique tea formulas. Our qualified tea sommelier will meet with you (in person or online) and work with you to make something that speaks to your brand, vibe or space. This can include a minor tweak to a classic tea like breakfast tea or a completely new range.