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Small Tea Gift Set


A small curated tea gift box of two tea canisters and a fine stainless steel strainer delivered straight to the door.

This gift box contains:

  • a tea canister of the fun and flavoursome Coconut Mint

  • a tea canister of our best-selling Lemon Myrtle Ginger herbal tea blend (delicious hot or served iced)

  • a fine stainless steel mesh strainer (your choice of stainless steel or gold stainless steel option)

  • a custom hand written note

Coconut Mint: A refreshing and velvety herbal blend with a gentle sweet aftertaste. A unique medley of refreshing peppermint, soothing calendula, fun loving coconut, and cacao nibs.

Lemon Myrtle Ginger: A zesty twist on the classic lemongrass and ginger tea. The added Australian lemon myrtle makes this tea fresh and vibrant. This tea can be enjoyed hot or as an iced tea (see brewing guide below).

The stainless steel strainer dimensions:
7cm (width) x 7.5cm (depth/height)

The gold stainless steel strainer dimensions:
6cm (width) x 6.4cm (depth/height)


Free Shipping over $80 (automatically applied at checkout). For orders under $80, standard Australian Post charges apply (approx $10 depending on weight). 

For both the Coconut Mint and Lemon Myrtle Ginger:
1 tsp to 200mL cup
100° C water temperature
4 min steep time (this tea can be steeped twice. Add an extra 1 minute to the second infusion).

To make Iced Lemon Myrtle Ginger Tea:
1.5 teaspoon to 200mL cup
100° C, 10 min steep time
Add sweetener (sugar, agave, or honey) to taste while warm (but not hot)
Allow to cool and serve over ice with fresh fruit garnish

Lemon Myrtle Ginger: Lemongrass, lemon myrtle, ginger and calendula petals

Coconut Mint: Peppermint, coconut, calendula, licorice root

(all products are organic)

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