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Gold Tea Strainer (gold plated stainless steel)


A fine mesh gold plated food grade stainless steel tea strainer that fits straight into a mug or teapot. The strainer is large enough for loose leaf tea to properly expand. It comes with a lid. 

Dimensions of the tea strainer:

Width: 6cm

Depth / Height: 6.4cm  

How to use:

Scoop approximately 1 teaspoon of loose tea leaf to each 200mL cup into the strainer. Drop the strainer either into a mug or a teapot - the wings should hold it in place and prevent it from falling in. Next pour water directly onto the leaf in a circular pattern to expose all of the tea leaves to water. It's important to use a temperature controlled kettle to avoid burning certain types of tea (check brew instructions). Allow the leaves to infuse and agitate (raise and lower the mesh infuser) to flush the leaf and increase the movement of water through the strainer. Allow the tea to steep for the specified time (tea should not be over infused whereas herbal teas can infuse much longer). Remove the tea infuser, compost the spent leaf, or set aside and reuse for teas that allow multiple infusions (e.g. oolong, certain green teas etc.) and enjoy your cup of tea!


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