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A unique blend of fermented Chinese Puerh tea, coconut, lavender, cinnamon, and vanilla. This tea has a creamy mouth feel balanced against the bright floral tones of lavender and is the proud recipient of a Golden Leaf Award.

1 tsp to 200mL cup

100°C degree water temperature

4 min steep (the same leaf can be used for 2 infusions)

Camellia Sinensis (tea plant), coconut, lavender, cinnamon, vanilla
(all products are organic)

Puerh tea is a truly ancient form of tea processing. It involves sun drying the tea partially and allowing natural microbes to ferment the tea. Puerh is often aged for several years becoming more valuable as it ages.

Puerh tea is traditionally and commonly used in Chinese Medicine to aid digestion. The perfect cuppa after a heavy meal.

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