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Blooming Tea


A hand rolled tea with organic flowers and spices that unfurls in hot water. Inside the hand sewn tea leaves are a beautiful arrangement of dried flowers or spices that slowly expand into a beautiful tea sculpture. 

"Tea is more than just liquid in a cup. It is a sensory experience that combines sight, smell, touch, and taste and this tea is a beautiful way to enjoy a relaxing and mindful cup of tea" says Sarah (co-founder and Tea Sommelier). 

How do you brew a blooming tea? 

  1. Put 1 blooming tea into a medium (400ml) to large teapot (800ml). Glass is best so you can see it unfurl
  2. Boil kettle to  90°C degree water temperature (if you do not have a temperature controlled kettle just take the water to boiling temperature and then let it cool for 5 minutes)
  3. Pour water slowly over the blooming tea and allow 3-4 minutes for the blooming tea to unfurl
  4. Pour the infused tea into a teacup and enjoy! 

What flavour is the blooming tea?

Because all of our blooming teas are hand made, they are crafted with seasonal flowers and spices making each blooming tea unique. The pack you purchase will have a varied selection of blooming teas. Most commonly we include a white tea with marigold, jasmine, and chrysanthemum flowers. Or a black tea with cinnamon chips and vanilla. Each blooming tea will be a delicious surprise!  

Does blooming tea have caffeine?

Yes, it has a small amount. This is because the outside leaves are made from the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) which inherently has contain. 

Can you re-use a blooming tea?

Once the blooming tea has been unfurled in water it cannot re-bloom. However, the ingredients are high quality botanicals and so adding water again will still extract some flavour. The flavour will be more mild but still pleasant. 

What is inside a blooming tea?

A blooming tea is hand rolled with a variety of flowers and spices inside. We particularly like using organic flowers such as marigold, jasmine and chrysanthemum as our floral choices inside the blooming tea. We also have a popular blooming tea with cinnamon chips and vanilla inside.  


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Put 1 blooming tea per teapot (400 - 800ml)

Pour 90°C degree water temperature over the ball (let the water cool for 5 minutes after boiling if you don't have a temperature controlled kettle)

Allow 3-4 minutes for the ball to unfurl

Once it has unfurled it is ready to drink

You can re-use the tea ball by pouring hot water over the unfurled leaves again (the taste will be milder but still pleasant)

Please note that all blooming teas are hand made and vary in their ingredients. All of them contain the tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) as either a white, green or black tea which therefore means that all blooming teas contain a small amount of caffeine.

They also have organic dried flowers and spices such as jasmine, chrysanthemum, cinnamon or marigold inside.

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