Impala & Peacock

Tea Tasting Masterclass (Brunswick)



  • Tea experts Sarah and Ruan teach you how to distinguish, taste, and compare unique teas from around the world

  • The workshop is approx. 6 hours in total ( two 3-hour slots over 2 Sundays) on July 24th 2pm - 5pm and July 31st 2pm - 5pm
  • Workshop is held at our tea tasting room at 186 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056 (Ratio Cacao Roasters)
  • The series includes over 30 teas to taste from different growing regions in Australia, North Africa, Japan, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, India and Russia

  • Learn the art and science behind tea and approach your future tea drinking with deeper meaning and insight. This series is suitable for beginners

  • Receive a 'Tea Master's Certificate' at the end of the workshop

  • $890 per person (includes a booklet, glass teapot, and premium tea pack to take home with you at the end of the course [enough tea for at least 6 months!])

What's in the take home tea pack?

  • A selection of 20 organic loose leaf tea pouches
  • A glass teapot with stainless steel strainer
  • A gold teaspoon 
  • A box of 9 aromas to practice identifying smells at home
  • A flavour tea wheel 
  • A tea masterclass booklet

First session content on Sunday 24th of July from 2pm - 5pm

Introduction to tea 

  • Ruan shares the origins of tea and the tea making process that has been used for thousands of years. He shares how his experience in sourcing teas and visiting tea factories informs the difference and similarities of tea production across different regions and countries. He also discusses the importance of the tea plant in legend, history, and within modern day economies.

White Tea & Oolong Tea

  • Sarah takes a deep dive into the origins, production, and flavour profile of white teas and oolong teas. From delicate white tea buds picked in the first few days of spring to rich oxidised oolongs that are harvested using ancient methods. 

  • We taste a selection of White & Oolong teas from different growing regions of the world.

Green Tea

  • Green teas are a favourite of Sarah’s and she explains what’s involved in creating green teas and demonstrates the breadth of flavour of five different types of green tea.

  • We taste a selection of Green teas (predominantly from Japan, China, and Korea) to learn the different styles of green tea production.

First session content on Sunday 31st of July from 2pm - 5pm

Black / Red Tea

  • Learn a new take on the classic black tea from Ruan, who shares some exquisite black and red teas from China, India, Sri Lanka, and Kenya - an up and coming unique tea production area.  

Puerh Tea & Brewing Vessels

  • Fermented Puerh teas are a favourite of Ruan’s and he explains why this unique tea is at the centre of a multi-million dollar industry in China. Puerh teas can be aged for decades with asking prices fetching tens of thousands - so how do you tell a good and bad Puerh tea apart? Ruan teaches you industry insights to ensure you can enjoy truly valuable Puerhs with confidence. 

  • We practice brewing in different vessels to see the influence of brewing equipment on tea taste and flavour. 

Blends / Herbals Tisanes 

  • Ruan and Sarah share some signature herbal tisanes and infusions enjoyed world wide from chai recipes from the streets of Deli to refreshing moroccan mint teas in North Africa. Learn which spices and flavours work well together.

Meet the instructors:

  • A leader in the Melbourne specialty tea movement, Tea Sommelier and restauranteur Sarah de Witt started a luxury loose leaf tea company that stocks restaurants, cafes, and day spas Australia wide. She opened an award-winning tea house in Brunswick and ran 2 High Tea venues serving thousands of pots of specialty teas to Melbournians since 2014. 

  • Ruan de Witt is a mechanical engineer by trade with a passion for the science and mechanics of tea making. He represented Australia in the Austral-Asian tea championships winning the title in the brewing category. Sarah and Ruan now run the Impala & Peacock loose leaf tea brand together training barristers, restaurant owners, and tea enthusiasts Australia wide. Click here to listen to Ruan & Sarah in a recent podcast talking about tea. 


      • Small class size, limited to a maximum of 8 people
      • Great tasting room location in the heart of Brunswick 
      • Enjoy a guided tea tasting experience that explores unique aromas and tastes of all types of tea (white, green, oolong, black, puerh, herbals from around the world)
      • Receive a premium tea pack at the end of the course


      • Classes run over 2 Sundays
      • 1st session: 24th of July from 2pm - 5pm
      • 2nd session: 31st of July from 2pm - 5pm
      • Location: 186 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056

        Cancellation Policy 

        • Due to limited spots and tea ordering requirements, there is a minimum of 14 days notice to receive a full refund 

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