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White Tea Antioxidant


A blend of the purest white tea hand plucked in the first couple weeks of Spring producing a high dose of antioxidants. The silvery white buds are blended with subtle floral botanicals to produce a delicate tea.

White tea is applauded as one of the most delicate teas packed with nutrients and antioxidants. This is because the tea bud has a short window (2 weeks) to be picked before the leaves mature and unfurl. White tea has been traditionally used for clear skin complexion and clarity.

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White tea is produced from the tea plant, camellia sinensis, by simply drying the buds. It is the tea with the least amount of processing and entirely harvested and processed by hand. It takes approx. 10,000 buds to make one kilogram of Silver Needles.

The plucked buds are intact and beautiful. Once hydrated it’s possible to even unfurl them displaying the little plant veins, the leaf serration and protective fur, as if the leaf was only just plucked.

This tea is available in a refill pouch. The pouch is re-sealable to maintain freshness and perfect to refill your Impala & Peacock canister or jar. Pouch size: 


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1 tsp to 200mL cup

90°C degree water temperature

3 min steep (the same leaf can be used for 2 infusions)

Camellia Sinensis (tea plant), roses, calendula, hibiscus, rosehip, peppermint
(all products are organic)

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