Impala & Peacock

Relaxation Tea


A natural, organic, and caffeine free relaxation tea designed to help you unwind. The herbs selected act to gently calm the body and mind making this the perfect relaxation tea.

Many cultures around the world celebrate the act of making tea as a means to slow down and unwind. The water cannot be boiled faster, the infusion cannot be sped up and one must wait for the water to cool enough before drinking.

These small elements make the process of tea infusion a mindful act encouraging you to slow down. It is this act, together with the botanicals selected for Relaxation tea that work to ease tension, reduce heart rate, and ground you into the present moment.

This tea is available in a refill pouch. The pouch is re-sealable to maintain freshness and perfect to refill your Impala & Peacock canister or jar. Pouch size: 

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1 tsp to 200mL cup

100°C degree water temperature

4 min steep time (this is a single infusion tea)

Chamomile, peppermint, rose, calendula petals, valerian root
(all products are organic)

Free Shipping over $70

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