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Breastfeeding Tea


An organic and herbal breastfeeding tea designed to stimulate the natural breastfeeding experience. The herbs selected act as a gentle galactagogues increasing the quality and quantity of breast milk. See the research section below for details. 

This tea is available in our re-sealable refill pouch for those that drink a lot of tea at home. Pouch size: 

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1 tsp to 200mL cup

100° C water temperature

3 min steep (this tea can only be infused once)

Fenugreek, nettle, caraway, fennel, rose petals, and aniseed.
(all products are organic)

A 2018 meta analysis [1] found 5 studies with 122 participants receiving treatment with fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum). Four of these studies found fenugreek significantly increased the amount of breast milk production.

A 2018 study [2] with 64 breastfeeding mothers with premature babies found nettle tea (Urtica dioica) increased breast milk production by 50% relative to the control group. A 2018 study [3] found that fennel and fenugreek were equally effective in increasing lactation.

Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum) contains anethole- a phytoestrogen that has a very long history of being used as a galactagogue (a food or drug that promotes or increases the flow of a mother's milk) in Persian traditional medicine [4]. Caraway seeds (Carum carvi) have been used in Persian traditional medicine to stimulate breast milk at low doses. We use a small amount of caraway seeds as some research suggests that it increases breast milk production if a small amount is taken but has the opposite effect at very high doses [5].

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