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High Mountain Oolong


This unique oolong won the recent Australian Tea Masters Brewing Championships - it's delicious! Sourced from the high mountains of Yilan, Taiwan, this lightly oxidised oolong has a floral bouquet and buttery mouth-feel.

We partner with a small family who grow, harvest, and process this oolong in a misty alpine region of Taiwan. Their tea garden extends up to 2600m in altitude. The locals call the mountain range "Dragon Phoenix" as there are frequent wispy puffs of fog reminiscent of dragon smoke that coat the mountain range. 

This oolong can be re-steeped several times. It is tightly rolled and so it takes a few steeps to properly soak the leaves and draw out the flavours. This means that this oolong tea goes a long way; half a teaspoon of dry leaf is enough to make a large mug 5 or 6 times.

There is an old Chinese proverb when brewing oolong tea:

“The first brew is for your enemy,
the second for the servant,
the third for your wife,
fourth for your mistress,
the fifth for your business partner
and the last you keep for yourself”.

Although obtuse, this concept demonstrates how precious the development of the oolong is as it brings more complexity, depth, and flavour. It takes several infusions for the water to soak into the plant cells to draw out the flavours and plant chemicals. This all means that this tea goes a long way and is truly precious.

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Half a tsp to 200mL cup

90° C water temperature

1.5 min steep time

3+ steeps

(If you do not have a temperature-controlled kettle, let the water cool for 5 minutes after it has been boiled. Repeat the process above for subsequent infusions. Continue adding 30 seconds to 1 minute for each time you re-steep the oolong to extract the most out of it).

Camellia Sinensis (the tea plant)

Free Shipping over $70 (automatically applied at checkout).

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