Change your tea habits

Change can be a beautiful thing. Change is not simply transition, but rebirth. Change can emancipate us from the tedium of our daily routine, a tedium that grinds us down and can cause depression, anxiety, and feelings of isolation. Change can be simple.

An excellent and simple way to find positive change in one’s life is through a refinement of tea habits and ceremony. Whether you rarely drink tea or are a daily tea drinker, you should strive to follow three simple rules to enhance your experience of tea, and to maximize the benefits you receive from it. This can be the simple change that makes all the difference.

First, ensure that you are drinking organic, high grade tea. The difference in purity, flavor, and health benefits between a first and third flush tea, or between a hand-picked or CTC (cut, tear, curl) tea, is not to be ignored.

Second, after you’ve chosen your tea, be sure to store it properly. Overexposure to air, humidity, and light can negatively affect a tea’s flavor and nutritional content. Also, proximity to aromatic foodstuffs or herbs can alter the tea’s flavor. Keeping tea in a foil-lined canister, or one of our double-walled apothecary jars, and in a location free of humidity and strong-smells, will keep it fresh for over a year.

Finally, ensure that you are brewing your tea correctly. Teas can be as unique as people when it comes to the temperatures and times they require. Blacks, Puehrs, and high-oxidation Oolongs take temperatures close to boiling, while Whites, Greens, and lighter Oolongs require much lower temperatures. As such, it is crucial to have a way to monitor the temperature of your water before pouring it over your tea. It’s as simple as that. We guarantee that these changes, though small, will make a world of difference to your tea experience, and to your routine in general. They are just a few examples of the small changes you can make toward a happy, healthy life.