How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

Tea requires some skill to brew properly. Many people do not know that tea, just like coffee, can burn easily, making it bitter and astringent.


When it comes to making the perfect cup of Tea, be mindful of the 2 “T”s: Time and temperature, too much of both will burn tea leaves. Each tea is unique and different but as an approximate guide we recommend:



2-3 mins for white tea

1-2 mins for green tea

1-1.5 mins for oolong tea

1-2 mins for black tea

1 min for Pu’erh



70 - 75 C for white tea

75 – 80 C for green tea

80 – 90 C for oolong tea

90 – 95 C for black tea

95 C + for Pu’erh


Some teas require rinsing the leaf to begin the re-hydration process and physically wash any impurities off the leaf. These teas are mainly Chinese in origin.

For a specific example of brewing a tea, you can watch Sarah brew our Oolong here.